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17 octobre 2009 6 17 /10 /octobre /2009 18:22
The rumour mill was turning fast the last months. There is a new label around and its name is I HATE PEOPLE - Records,the root of all evil, the real punkrock label with soul, edge and integrity. New? The name is new but what..s behind all this? For ages Andre  is well-known in the Punkrock / Psychobilly scene all over the world. He and his bunch now run this new label. No question that you can expect Punkrock and Psychobilly at its best. But some weeks ago Andre had to make a painful cut before he could go back to his roots.


The punkrock-label he founded, loved and lived for was developed from a hellish hot torch in the scene to a little match in big music business. Did you recognised it? It was all behind the scenes. Good luck but that’s not our way. We love the music and not the business. Strong and fury he is back again with I HATE PEOPLE - Records. When you taste your own blood after you were bashed-up you can cry for help, run away or you pull yourself together and fight. True-punk and with a proud heart we present you I HATE PEOPLE - Records. So many bands showed us loyalty and offered help in this hard weeks, many friends and totally unknown persons appealed to hang on. We know who you are. Thanks for the amazing support in strange times. We lost nothing and will win everything.

United we stand, divided we fall.




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Published by D.Vicente - dans Music
17 octobre 2009 6 17 /10 /octobre /2009 17:41

It’s more than a pleasure; it’s an honour to present you the first official signing of  “I HATE PEOPLE – Records”!! The one and only founder of Psychobilly, P. PAUL FENECH  and his worldwide famous band THE M3T3ORS, decided to keep on going the way with IHP boss Andre. The Psychobilly icon and Andre know each other since the early days and so it was no question for P.PAUL FENECH  to seal this with a simple handshake. ....



Although P.PAUL FENECH loves the name of the new record company, to him the most important aspect to release their “BEST OF PPF666” solo album followed very closely by the brand new P.PAUL FENECH solo offering “INTERNATIONAL SUPER BASTARD” on “I HATE PEOPLE – Records“, was the person behind this great name.


P.PAUL FENECH: “I have decided to continue my collaboration with Andre and his new label I HATE PEOPLE as I think this will give me more independence and be more in the spirit of the band.”


THE M3T3ORS  show much confidence in this new label and this is a very important signal to us and many people around. This is the official starting shot for “I HATE PEOPLE – Records”. Maybe this seems to be risky to other bands but although “I HATE PEOPLE – Records“ is a new label the guys behind it released underground music for ages.

The next P.PAUL FENECH  solo or THE M3T3ORS release won’t be a risk to the band and its new label but to the few who miss it.


Because of his long experience in music business and the lifelong addiction to the subcultural lifestyle it was easy to Andre to build up perfect structures to become one of the top-addresses in the scene. “I HATE PEOPLE – Records” is like the rising phoenix. No more words about the ashes behind us. By now the interest by bands and the crowd is red-hot and the next signings will let the flames go even higher. We will present you young guns and awesome legends from the underground music scene. Punkrock and Psychobilly and everything in-between. No shooting from the hip but sharpshooting between the eyes and into your burning heart. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.



Cheers & Beers, Andre
"I HATE PEOPLE" - Records
"MOST PEOPLE ARE DEAD" - Merchandise

c/o Andre Bahr
Weetfelder Strasse 123
59077 Hamm

E-Mail: andre@Ihatepeople-records.com
phone: +49 2381 4368282
fax: +49 2381 4367300


Well it's the Truth.  MOST PEOPLE ARE DEAD.  C
unt them.


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Published by D.Vicente - dans Music