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Tiki Artshow - 3th october 2009

Aloha friends, "5 years of Tiki" this is my motto of my next tiki artshow in my hometown Regensburg/Germany.
The "Grand Opening show" with exotic music and drinks will start at Saturday - 7.00 pm - 3th October 2009. Kopfkunst Corner shop Schwandorfer Straße 24 Lappersdorfer Straße at Regensburg .
The show includes many different artworks of the last 5 years, from the first tiki to the last. I will also report about the unforgettable impressions during my tiki time and show two new tiki dioramas. So, I would like to see you at the opening show to have a fantastic tiki time. Mahalo!

Opening show:
Saturday 03th October 2009 at 7.00 pm

Kopfkunst, Corner Shop Schwandorfer Straße 24 - Lappersdorfer Straße, 93059 Regensburg


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Artists & Special Guest List :

Wildman (Japan), Makoto (Japan), Mr. G (Japan), Burn Out Magazine (Japan), Bull Original (Japan), El Cheapo (Belgium), Laurent Bagnard (France), Amanda Toy (Milano), Capitan Blaster (Venezia), Custom Design (Torino), Danilo "Absolute Ink" (Vigevano), Danx Pinstriping (Milano), ElGato Chimney (Milano), Giampo Coppa (Torino), Massy Zeta (Ladispoli), Riccardo “Ricky” Brotini (Pisa), Simone Romeo (Milano), The Arch Villain (Milano), Bear In Mind – Custom Toy (Milano)


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