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Published November 1980 by Warren.

Stories in this issue include: Kiss of the Plague! by Doug Moench, Leo Summers, and Alex Toth; Hands of Fate by Carl Wessler and Martin Salvador; The Don't Make Movies by Gerry Boudreau, Carmine Infantino, and Alfredo Alcala; The Slave by Alabaster Redzone (a.k.a. Jim Stenstrum) and Jesus Blasco (art miscredited to Jaime Brocal); Harriman's Monsters! by Greg Potter and Dan Adkins; Always Leave them Laughing by Michael Fleisher, Val Mayerik, and Rudy Nebres; and Jelly by Nicola Cuti and Herb Arnold. Cover art by Ken Kelly.

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Published by D.Vicente - dans Creepy Magazine