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Artist Proof Interview with Artist: David Vicente

Global Location: FRANCE

URL: http://www.dvicente-art.com

Shop: http://www.zazzle.com/vicente777

David Vicente was born in 1968 in Southern France. At an early age, he developed an immeasurable passion for Rock’n’Roll or more specifically for Psychobilly. His first pictures were inspired by bands, such as Meteors, The Cramps, Guanabatz, Bat mobile, and his personal cult album ..”Rockabilly Psychosis”. He was especially moved by the graphics. So he began his career by drawing monsters and other characters that were all rebels in their way. In cooperation with well-known fashion agencies, magazines and photographers, he draws pin-ups, devils, American cars, motorcycles, posters,logos, skateboards and more…. His influences are Pop Culture American, Russ Meyer, Rob Williams, Kozik, Coop and the legends Roth & Dutch. He develops his unique style by studying thoroughly all the tendencies of a rich and fruitful culture out of the common run, including surf, hot-rod, tattoo,tiki… Boiling movements in constant transformation whose roadways cross and mix endlessly.


AP: How long have you been making art for and what lead you to start?

DV : I beginning to draw very young and i have a special interest for the american comics, like marvel especially “GHOSTRIDER”… later as a teenager, I beginning to listen to rock’n’roll music and especially Psychobilly. This inspired me to beginning to draw and painting t-shirt and leather jacket for friends, but again was just for the fun,I started to make professional work after I left  the art school  I was attending in Paris from 1989 to 1991 (ESAM,Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes et du Design). After graduating Art School I then worked as a freelance illustrator, but it was very difficult in the beginning with few clients but  with strong motivation and passion for what I do after twenty years i’m still here and happy working as an  artist / illustrator.


AP: Where do you currently live and work ? And how does this influence your work?

DV : I’m currently living  in the South of France, very near of Spain and 15 km to the sea. Where i live has no real influence on my work, because all the influence come from rock ’n ’roll music, cars, bikes and my love for  California and its “Custom Culture”; American neologism used to describe the artworks, vehicles, hairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the United States of America from the 1950s through today.  This doesn’t exist  in my little village in the  south of France…here we just have good wine…. which can influence my work but in a different way  !!! ;)


AP: Did you have formal training if so what? If your self taught can you tell us what you prefer about being a self taught artist vs having formal training?

DV : I first learned technical drawing by making plans for a house I built;- I learnt to draw with ink straight lines but found this very boring which is why I went on to attend Art school in Paris » ESAM » to learn  illustration. l know artist can make the same living without school or formal training, but i think for me it was essential to attend art school and I have very goods memories of the time at Art School in  Paris which is a nice city !!! ;)


AP: Can you tell us about where you make your work is it in your house, a studio etc.. and how it effects your work?

DV : I have a special room in my house which is my little studio…is very good to work at home but sometimes is difficult to put a limit between the work and the personal life…sometimes i think its easy to work in other places where is more peaceful… My son come in the world the 03/01/2011, Before that  was  the last time I was able to  concentration for work at home. Often when i need to  find idea or inspiration, i go to work in my garden where its quite and I have the sun and fresh air.


AP: What are some of you favorite design projects/exhibitions you have worked on to date?

DV : My favorite designs or projects are always the last project I’ve worked on, I put  the same enthusiasm in all the projects and no have specially favorite.


AP: What is your medium of choice ?

DV : There where no Computers at my Art School when i attended twenty years ago so we designed by hand but now i’ve learnt to work more with the computer making digital design / art.  The computer is another tool for an artists to use; - I’ll work with a camera, scanner, printing machine to create work and use  the computers tools and software such as CorelDRAW X4 for the vector work and PhotoPAINT X4 for the digital paintings I make. I also use the  Wacom tablet. I like creating digital art paintings as its clean, there is  no paint mess everywhere; on clothes on the floor and you can make a large drawing in the small room.


AP: In what direction would you like to see your work going over the next five years?

DV : All direction that are possible, I want to make and create a lot of artworks and designs but not only for the custom culture world but for other areas also. I have a exhibition project upcoming where I’m making  digital paintings printed on large canvas and paper.


AP: What forth coming projects and or exhibitions do you have scheduled for 2011?

DV : With a 3 month old son its difficult to organize exhibitions or projects at this time but I’m sure i’ll do more in the future.


AP: Take us on a guided tour through a day in your life as an artist.

DV : My Day is nothing special its like a regular day. I wake up normally early at 7 am,  then after  breakfast  i go outside to walk my dog Elivis for an hour. When I get back I check my email and begin to work on different projects to until 12.30pm then i go to eat lunch after that around  1pm I go back to  work again until 2pm. Later around 6pm I  take my motorcycle (1200 cm2 Harley Davidson) for a run with friends or alone, or i take my mountain bike for 1 hour intensive training, which is good to get the stress out…in the evening depends : i’ll either work again or I’ll watch a movie or sometimes I’ll have friends over… In the end the artist life is not really that special !!! ;)


AP: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

DV : Many thanks !!! to Artsprojekt for the interview and for giving artists the  possibility to create products so we can stay totally free, for me it was a totally new concept but it is a really good and cool idea !!! THANKS FOR THAT !!!



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